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The Founder of 911 Ac Repair Service, J. Herold,

was a senior in Petroleum Engineering in the 1980's studying thermodynamics when he decided that the HVAC/R industry was going to be in his future. Working in operational maintenance for a retirement facility repairing heat pumps, he became overheated. This drove him to invent a cool vest, or as he thought. After a patent search, other people had invented cool vests. In this pursuit, however, it forced him to scan read most every book on the subjects of air conditioning and refrigeration in the 7 story library at his university. This gave him a great insight in the industry from the past to the present. 

911 Ac Repair Serviceapproach to business is a simple one, use our "all inclusive management" techniques with the customer in mind. Whether it is just a ten minute repair or designing systems for future use, we do every action with the customers best interest in mind. Part of the "all inclusive management" concept is communication with all  employees throughout the company, how differences between vendors can be a strength, and delivering solid measured results all add to a customers success.

Mission Statement

We are committed  to provide our customers with outstanding performance by providing all of our employees totally inclusive careers.